Is Uptown a membership club or is it open to the public?

We are open to the public and anyone over 21 may walk in.

Where are you and why have I never seen Uptown?

Because we are invisible.  Almost.  We are on the second floor of our building and all you will see from outside is a little black and white awning.  We are above Crossroads Trading and across the street from Urban Outfitters on NW 23rd Avenue.  Our address is below.

Where can I park?

We have a free 14-space lot adjacent to our building available to our guests after 6pm.  It is the lot shared by the bank and the cleaners.  Truth be told, however, we're open after most of the retail shops are closed, so there is generally lots of on-street parking.

Can I bring my own...?

Unless it's a pool cue or a cake, the answer is probably no.  For insurance reasons as well as health-code reasons, we don't allow outside food and beverage other than cakes made at a known, licensed commercial bakery.

Is it 21 years and older?

Except in the case of big events when we have time to get a variance from the OLCC, yes, Uptown is 21+.

How does the whole pool table thing work?

Very well, actually.  We rent the pool tables by the hour so you and your date or friends get to use the table without people putting quarters up and knocking you off.  Pool tables are $10/hr Tue-Thu and $12 Fri - Sat.  That's for the table, it is not a per-person charge.  There is a 2-hour maximum table time when there is a wait list for tables.

I have a question about menus, leagues, hosting a wedding or event, or...

You might have missed the links at the upper right that will take you straight to pages that probably answer those questions.  If you can't find an answer, give us a call at 503.226.8980.

How do I get invited to your legendary New Year's Eve Party...

It sells out every year to the staff and their guestlist of friends.  Make friends with the staff, it's really the only way.

Can I make reservations?  

POOL TABLE RESERVATIONS:  You are welcome to make a reservation for a single pool table by calling 503.226.6909 or by filling out the form below.  A reservation doesn't mean that we will hold an empty table for your arrival, but it does mean that when you walk in and check with our host that we will put you at the top of a wait list.  Reservations are only available for those booking more than 24 hours in advance. For multi-table reservations, please contact our event coordinator at 503.226.8980.

DINING ROOM RESERVATIONS: please call 503.226.6909 or fill out the form below.  If you get the answering machine, please leave a message and someone will call you back to confirm your reservation.  If you'd like to play pool after dinner, we'll hold a table for you so that it's ready when you're dune with dinner.  Just let us know when you're making your reservation.

BIG PARTY RESERVATIONS:  Yes, you MUST have reservations if you're going to walk in with a large (15+) group of people.  If we know you are coming, we will staff and plan accordingly but unannounced big groups can really throw the service off at any restaurant and our standards of service leave little room for surprises that could negatively affect our regular clientele.    For more info, click the "banquets" menu at the top of this page and it will open into an entire event-based webpage with just about everything you could want to know.  Our full-time event coordinator, Anne, can be reached via, (503)226-8980. or the form below.


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