Non-Profit Events

UPTOWN AS A FUND-RAISING VENUE: If you would like to use our facilities to raise funds or awareness for your group, we would like to hear about it.  We cannot accommodate all requests, but we will do our best to find ways of leveraging our resources to help you.  

AUCTION DONATIONS: Uptown Billiards has the ability to make donations of several different types to auctions.  Our willingness to contribute to your cause will depend upon who the beneficiary is, but don't be afraid to ask.  

NON-PROFIT STAFF/VOLUNTEER/PATIENT EVENTS: Whether you are under-appreciated educators, counselors at a shelter or volunteers from a big fundraising event, you deserve to celebrate.  As you've proven, money isn't everything - and it isn't to us either.  Our ability to host an event with/for you will be entirely dependent upon your flexibility.  Call us in the earliest moments of planning an event - especially before you've got times and dates in mind.  Don't worry about being perfectly prepared, just email and say, "We've got 40 volunteers who do XYZ for the community and I'm looking for a way to say 'thanks.'"  With that information we can look at our calendars and find a way to make things work.  Please tell us about your organization in your request.