The Food

With enough notice, we can provide the best banquet food your group will ever eat for 200pp, twice a day.  That said, out kitchen is very very small and there are some limitations to some of what we can do...  

PRIVATE AND CORPORATE DINING: With Portland's best food, our dining room remodel behind us, extraordinary staff and prices 20% under our competition, Uptown Billiards can't be beat for hosting a dinner party. We require a party greater than 16 to close off the dining room (or we will charge a small room fee) for truly "Private Dining." We can pull together a single table of up to 12 people without closing the dining room for a "dinner party" or "corporate dinner."  

BUFFETS: There are no limitations to serving food buffet-style.  Buffets not only make everything possible, but they tend to lend themselves beautifully to the "thank-God-we're-not-stuck-in-a banquet-room atmosphere of the Club.  

FAMILY-STYLE DINNERS: With all the intimacy of sit-down dining yet an "ice-breaker" like nothing else, family-style dining creates a boisterous energy in the room, opening the flow of ideas and sharing of experiences that formal dining can sometimes stifle. Side dishes and main courses alike will arive on platters. The food is equally fantastic, just more casually (and interactively) served.  

WINE DINNERS: Some wine dinners are very educational, some are just lots of fun.  If you want to put together a "wine-and-dine" dinner for some special guests, we will fashion a culinary dream tailored to your group.

Our food is fresh, seasonal, made from absolute scratch wherever possible, and is incomparably delicious.

Our chef and event coordinator collaborate on each menu on a case-by-case basis. Given the availability and pricing of fresh ingredients during different times of the year, they will help you to make the most of your budget and their ultimate goal will always be the satisfaction of your guests. It is in our greatest interest to help you make the most of your budget. It is in our greatest interest to make your guests as happy as you can afford to make them.

If you're perusing our website hoping to compare our price on "chicken strips" to someone else's price then this page may seem a disappointment at first. But, if you'd like to see what your budget can provide in a venue that takes pride in feeding your guests, all you need to do is give us a call: (503) 226-8980.

Click the image below to download our Spring 2018 Catering Menu as a PDF.

The Drinks

Never in our history - EVER- has their been a neighborhood complaint let alone a DUI after an evening at UBC.  We aren't quick to cut people off, we're just very professional.  We take alcohol-related responsibilities very seriously and you should rest assured that this is our job, not yours.  As unpopular as the "perfect attendance" award in high school, Uptown has actually received the OLCC's statewide "Good Neighbor Award" on several occasions.   

NO-HOST BAR: A no-host bar means that your guests are responsible for buying their own drinks.  

OPEN BAR: This is where you're picking up the drink tab.  If it help you in some way, we can put some limits on what your guests are allowed to order.  

SCRIP BAR: You can choose how many drinks you'd like to buy your guests, whether it's one or two or more.  Further, you can limit their choices to different cost-levels of beverages if you choose.  

TIMED BAR: Buy your guests drinks for the first hour or two of your event.