As a young assistant manager at a 5-star Caribbean resort years ago, when $1000/night was unheard of, I asked the resort owner why each year we failed to make Conde Naste’s “Gold List,” despite being 100% booked a year in advance. He replied, “Because we don’t have a pool. Twenty-five percent of the score is based on a pool.” I retorted, “You’ve got 30 acres. Why don’t you build one?” To which he replied, “Because if I built one, everybody would use it.” I failed to see the logic. “And?” I asked. “People tend to do what they are most familiar with, and in our case, they’ll miss the beauty. If all they remember is the pool, they’ll find one closer to home next year. Here, their memories should be of (pointing) THAT sun setting over THAT Caribbean ocean with their toes in the sand. I’m not here to give people what they’re familiar with, Kent. I’m here to provide something they’ll never forget.”
— Kent Lewis, Owner