Where are you?  Uptown Billiards is located on trendy NW 23rd Avenue, just 1/2 block off of Burnside.  We're on the second floor of our building.  Unfortunately, because we are in a historic building, we do not possess an elevator.

What's your capacity?  240 total, but we have rooms suitable for different sized groups. 

What does it cost to throw a party? The food and beverage prices stay the same throughout the year but our F&B minimums will change seasonally.  Unlike a venue which offers a "free" space but charges you $35 for a hunk of pre-cooked chicken and a wilting salad, we choose to charge a fair price for your menu separately from a "room fee."  Our room fees will depend upon the time, day, month or season of your party.

Is there parking?  We have a free 14-space lot adjacent to our building and a 70-space lot we can rent exclusively for your guests within a block.  Truth be told, however, we're open after most of the retail shops are closed, so there is generally lots of on-street parking.

Can I bring my own...?  Unless it is a cake, probably not.  For legal, licensing and insurance reasons, we typically provide all the food and beverage.

Must all guests be 21 years old?  Unless we write to the OLCC (liquor authorities) and get special permission in advance, everyone must be 21 or older.

Can I get some help?  Absolutely.  You're probably better at making shoes, silicone chips or buildings than we'll ever be; we're probably better at stretching your entertainment budget than you'll ever be.  Tell us about the party you're dreaming of, tell us your budget, and let us help you get the most for your money - it is in everyone's best interest.

What if I just show up with a bunch of people?  Please don't -- because we will never take on business we can't be proud of. When groups show up unexpectedly, we must maintain our service standards by putting "expected" customers first and treating unexpected groups as "less important" (ouch, I know). Put yourself in someone else's shoes: if you were hosting the party you're planning today and 50 unexpected guests showed up to bog down the servers, the bar and the kitchen, would you be happy? When forced, we will make tough choices in tough situations... and we'll always choose our reputation over quick cash.

Can I get a discount?  If you are involved with a non-profit group, we may be willing to take a loss to help you raise funds or awareness.  If your under-funded public service organization cannot afford a staff party at all, we may find a way to reward your contributions to our community. (In either case, please click the non-profit link above).  If you or your organization is part of the for-profit community on the other hand, please know that we reserve our charity for those who truly need it. 

Minimums: Whether during the holidays, during the daytime or during any party which will displace a large number of paying customers, we will ask that you meet a "Food and Beverage" minimum.  

Deposits: In order to reserve the space for your event, you will need to make a deposit in the amount of the room fee.  During the holidays, you will also be required to pay the food, beverage and gratuity total at least two weeks before your event.  All final payments, including last-minute adjustments or gratuities or contract entertainment fees are due at the end of the event unless previously agreed to by our Event Coordinator.  

Force Majeur: If your party is cancelled by a force majeur ("act of God"), such as an ice storm or earthquake, any deposits you have paid will be applicable to any future party during the following 11 months.  

Cancellations: If your party is cancelled for any reason other than the "naturally uncontrollable," we will address the issue on a case-by-case basis. As a rule, if we are able to re-book the space for the same rental fee and food and beverage minimum, we'll gladly return deposits.  

Gratuities: There is an industry-standard 20% service fee automatically charged to your food and beverage total.