Projectors and Audio-Visual

PROJECTOR: We have two wireless projectors which you are welcome to use at no extra charge.  They are 1500 lumen (bright) XVGA (just like your computer screen) models which should take no longer than 5 minutes to set up.  We have a separate wireless network for the projectors and you just need GoogleChrome to login for easy access to both audio and video output.

PROJECTION SCREENS: This projectors are mounted ceilings in the Main Room and in the Dining Room, and project onto 8' x 6' screens. We also have a self-standing 3' x 5' portable screen which can be set up in other areas.  

MICROPHONE & P.A. SYSTEM: Also at your disposal is a hand-held, concert-quality wireless microphone which broadcasts through our 22-speaker music sound system.  

TELEVISION: Uptown Billiards Club has the capability to broadcast television into all rooms of the Club.  Some advance planning is required for us to bring television broadcasts to areas not serviced by our projectors (above).

Games and Activities

PARLOR GAMES: Eight pool tables await you in the Main Room; two in the Parlor Room. Also, two dart boards are hidden behind cabinets in the Parlor Room.  The ping pong tables are set-up only upon special request.  


Blackjack: We have four blackjack tables which accommodate seven guests each.  Blackjack is a very simple game, the basics of which can be learned in minutes.

Craps: We have two craps tables, one which entertains 14 and another for eight.  Craps is a more complex game, but we start every casino party with craps lessons for the guests. Craps will bring even the most subdued guests to cheering, yelling and clapping! Requires a pool table for set-up.

Roulette: The good news is that Roulette is the simplest of games and will entertain 6 guests at a time.  The roulette table is usually the quietest of tables, however, because of its simplicity. This, also is set-up directly on a pool table.

Poker: All the craze!  For Whole Club parties, we can set-up two poker tables which accommodate 7 players each.  


We stick to our core strengths, but we are happy to arrange contract entertainment for you.  Over the years we've seen our share of hits and flops and are happy to work with you to locate and accommodate the best bands, DJ's, Karaoke, Magicians, Card Trick Performers, etc. 

Because singing and dancing is not something we do for a living, we choose not to "mark up" or "take a cut" on these items.  Let us know what ideas you have and we'll help you arrange for the talent. You can contract with and pay the talent directly or through us.